Once upon a time there was a King and a Queen.They lived in a lovely golden castel and had a beautiful daughter,Suzy. She never laughed or smiled, ” We will give a ring to the person who can make Suzy happy. “, said the Queen.

A musician came and played the violin, a fairy said a magic spell and a joker come and told jokes, but Suzy did not smile or laugh. A young ITPro came to work at the Queen`s castel! He came with his cute little tweety.. who loved to play a lot.
One day Suzy saw the tweety and started to smile – then she laugh!!! :D The Queen heard her daughter and saw the tweety.

The Queen gave the ring to the young ITPro as promised for making her daughter laughed. Charmend by the beautiful princesses laugh, the young ITPro asked her to mary him and gave her the ring. She said YEEEEES and they lived happily ever after. :D

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  1. copiiiiubirii says:

    Tweety can make anyone smile. big grin

  2. Viorel says:

    I think I saw a pussy cat tongue

  3. TheDreamer says:

    Hei there, pss pss!
    Ti-ai schimbat domeniul?
    Ca acum nu-mi mai apare, ci .info
    Ca stiu daca a luat-o Opera mea razna sau nu thinking

  4. SuZy says:

    @ Viorel: te rog frumos, replica lui [pentru ca e un el, in ciuda faptului ca lumea zice ca e o ea happy ] este: "I tawt I taw a puddy tat! I did! I did see a puddy tat!" Se vede cine e addicted de tweety big grin

    @ Alina: multumesc frumos de cadou, nu stiu cum ai facut dar ai nimerit exact cursul evenimentelor dintre mine si acel ITPro, sau ma rog, Linux/Unix System Administrator happy Si ciudat, de la primul tweety primit de la el a inceput si colectia mea de pasarici galbene. Va invit sa o vedeti big grin

  5. Viorel says:

    I think I saw a pussy cat tongue

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