Still in love.

“Surely even the five hundred men who went to the moon they cannot measure my love towards you. “

For those who don`t understand that means “ I adore you. “. How? uuf lets see… we have an eye, a door aaaand a ewe. Got it now? hee hee

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. zaone says:

    I ADORE YOU TOO!!!!!!! spre rusinea mea recunosc ca dupa atatea ore de Proprietate Intelectuala abia dupa ce am citit explicatia mi-am dat seama de dispozitia figurilor in desen big grin

  2. addicted says:

    Ma asteptam laughing kiss

  3. neo1984 says:

    u guyyys are so cute.. get a room ! laughing..

  4. bubu says:

    yes,they are cute… I know them personally,but actually they have 2 rooms,not just one…tongue

  5. addicted says:

    bubu stie! TOTUL. laughing kiss

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