Sau.. divinul!? laughing

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Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. neo says:

    gay gay gay.. p.s. macar daca era piesa de studio, mai trasa ascult si gafele pizdei aleia?..

  2. Twenty says:

    Care-i faza cu tipul asta ?

  3. addicted says:

    @Twenty: Nimic, e un pic ca… gay si se vrea divin. happy

  4. bubu says:

    cata feminitate, senzualitate si miscare scenica….he’s totally gay…..laughing

  5. ana says:

    poate il ia inna sub aripa ei laughing

  6. addicted says:

    @ana: Riiight!!! Doar ca sa ii serveasca ,cafeaua. laughing

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