Stiu de ce nu ma pot concentra sa invat ( infara de raceala ce inca shade cu nesimtire-n mine. ) e din cauza flacarii violet !!! E Basescu in Iasi si-a otravit intregul oras, acum toti stam hipnotizati .. sad Damn you Basescu, DAMN YOU !!

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. A Dreamer. says:

    Uhm.. pot sa-ti recomand aceeasi procedura ca domnul MB: chiloteii pe dos batting eyelashes
    And everything that comes from him.. to be gentle.
    Try to think it’s ok even if you get an average grade and realise that all these shits are ending soon and you’re so lucky that in the end you have ur love’s support, cause without that you’ld be a mess( not in that mean way tongue ) ( you know what I’m talking about).
    Ok dear?
    I’m sending you my hug for bigger support, even if it’s weak …

  2. addicted says:

    Thank you sweetie!!!
    Ce-as vrea sa treaca odata toate astea, tot stresul asta… sad Hugs.

  3. Claudia Balan says:

    Am si eu o intrebare. Daca tot a venit nenea Base sa va hipnotizeze, nu o poate face si el cu 1 bacnota de 500 de dolari sau de euro sau de ce mama masii are el?Este si cu Udrea dupa el?Tu tot racit esti?

  4. addicted says:

    Inca sunt racitA. happy
    Si nu, nu cred ca se oboseste sa ne hipnotizeze nici macar cu-n ban .. doooar de i-as gasi unul purple laughing

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