Am auzit piesa asta astăzi şi imediat versurile m-au dus cu gândul la două persoane dragi,un cuplu …

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When love hurts it won`t work

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. Baby R. says:

    …You say you love, say you love me. But you’re never there for meeeeeeeeeeeee………..
    All we do is make up
    Then break up
    Why don’t we wake up
    And see
    When love hurts
    It won’t work
    Maybe we need some time alone
    We need to let it breatheeeeeeeeeeee

    mortala piese, fenomenala love struck

  2. EvilEssence says:

    Din cauza piesei asteia m-am indragostit eu de SL. tongue

  3. addicted says:

    @Baby R.: Veche dar f.faina!
    @EvilEssence: Unii isi aduc aminte cu drag de melodia asta, altii nici nu o mai asculta. laughing

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