Playfulness – Fun

  Fun is the most sacred word, far more sacred than prayer. It is the only word that can give you a sense of playfulness, can make you again a child. You can start running after butterflies, searching for seashells on the beach, colored stones.

Playfulness - Fun

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  1. Ionela spune:

    Asa este, reprezentativa poza happy

  2. Cris-Mary spune:

    Fun is another story when you are child. Growing up sometimes is not that good and we forgot to find the fun in simple things like we did when we were kids. I remember making a big grocery store with stones, leafs, tree sticks or any other things that we can find. We even made our own scale..
    My own personal car at age of 8-9 years was : a simple stick put in the ground(as a shifter) , a bowl in my lap (as a steering wheel), two rocks ( one was the clutch and one was the brake) and a chair to sit on. I was driving for hours and i was racing my cousin sitting next to me happy
    Fun as an adult is far from being what it was and we kind of lost the creativity behind this word happy

    • addicted spune:

      M-am amuzat nitel. happy
      Nu stiu ce era in capul nostru cand ne doream sa crestem… Cred ca libertatea de a face mai multe chestii. Acum… vreau cat mai putine de facut.

  3. Fairytale spune:

    Tare frumoasa fotografia, joaca ne relaxeaza, face totul mai frumos!

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