I see it. Forever!

  I see it. I see us getting married, having the cutest little babies, watching then grow up, cuddling on the couch, waking up to the good morning kisses, having arguments, making up after, cooking out favorite foods, smiling for no reason, annoying each other when we’re bored, never leaving each other’s side.

I see us together. Forever!

i see it forever ; touchofadream

Thank you for this morning, now with my smile I could light up this whole town!!!

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  1. Lucia spune:

    Ce frumos. happy Buna dimineata

  2. C spune:

    Frumosiloooor comiciloooor va iubim ☺️ pup

  3. Ana spune:

    Ma meltuiesc big grin Norocoasa mica!!!

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