i love you ! i did , i do and i will .

I have loved you long before i ever met you. I was dreaming of you as a little girl, imagining a perfect man that would steal my heart & keep it safe in his very own chest in place of his, which he has given to me to hold. I laid in bed at night wishing on every star i could see that i would meet such a man who could make me smile just by walking into the room. A man that could make me cry, not by hurting me, but by making me so happy that I could not control my tears. A man that i could spend every moment of my life with & never have a second of silence; one that held my hand to his chest so i could feel his love for me beating inside his heart so wildly that my hand would shutter.
I have waited for a man that could fill not only my heart with joy but my entire being so that i could feel love deep in my stomach each time i would think of him. One that could make me smile with the slightest sound of his voice or the very thought of his beautiful face. A face that is imprinted in my mind; one that i see in my dreams every night as i sleep. A face that belongs only to you. I often sit & think of everything you are; your soft hair, your big, glowing eyes that welcome me into every embrace that we share… your lips that i yearn to kiss, your arms that keep me warm & safe from all that surrounds us in this big world. Your soul that fits with mine to form one being full of love & warmth that no other person can take the place of. It is your entire self that I am in love with. I love you in the most amazing & complete way imaginable ! Not only do I love you like all who are special to me, but I am in love with you. You & you alone ! You are the man i have been dreaming of. Everything about you fits so perfectly into the image in my heart of my perfect man, the image that i began building as a young girl. You truly are my soulmate, the man that I was destined to love for all eternity. The man that i will share my every breath with, my every hope & dream. All of my heart is for you. I will cherish this love we have forever ! I love you .

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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