Inventive and funny.[ 1 ]

Life become wonderful when we have creative clothes stand.

Milk table lamp.

Parking your cow here is not a good idea, really!!!!

Ce seamănă ăsta micu, cu noi!! laughing

Hââââc, pe drum pe deal pe druuum pe deaaal


“I wish time can stop here!” rolling on the floor

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  1. old an says:

    funny… titanikat

  2. Pisi says:

    cum e aia cu matzele rolling on the floor))) big grin

  3. addicted says:

    @Pisi: @old an: Aia e funny rau si .. rupe tot. laughing

  4. addicted says:

    @Creve: Bai da una ros albstru n-ai gasit? rolling on the floor

  5. angel wings says:

    foarte interesanta lampa aia iar pisicile sunt adorabile big grin

  6. ZuZu says:

    Cea cu iepurasu o stiam love struck e adorabila laughing

  7. Creve says:

    @addicted: câinii nu sunt steliști laughing)

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