Lessons learned: Focus on those who LOVE you

Being able to focus on what is truly important in life is something that we all must learn if we are going to make and maintain a successful lifestyle. What should be most important to all of us first and foremost is our relationship with God, because without Him we wouldn’t have life, and without Him it is impossible to sustain our lives.

Our families, and friends that are family, should get a great amount of focus as well. At the end of our lives we will have nothing to take with us, but those who love us will be able to remember us and our legacy by remembering how much of a blessing that we were to them in our lifetime.

Last, we should also give great focus to the business matters of the heart. Not everyone will leave a mark on the world through great business ventures, just as not everyone in the world will leave their mark as the most artistic or creative soul, but we must leave our mark somehow.

We must be willing to do what is inside of our hearts and do it with as much of our heart as we possibly can.

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