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Your appearance doesn’t define you!

 Your appearance doesn’t define you. The way you look doesn’t reveal who you are inside. It may show who you are and your sense of style, but it doesn’t reveal the personality within you. It doesn’t reveal the emotions you have or the feelings you experience. It doesn’t determine the love you give or the hurt you’ve felt. Your appearance doesn’t define you!

I really have to agree with the „ugly personality destroys the face” quote. I have met some very beautiful people, but their actions, words and terrible attitude really does destroy their outer appearance. That is different with a person who has a beautiful heart, but may not look as attractive on the outside.

When you get to know people better, you look past their appearances and you focus more on their character and not their appearance. I’d much rather have a better character than appearance. (But it sure would be nice to have both! big grin )

I don’t care whether it’s your gender, your looks, your weight, your skin, or where your love lies, none of that matters because standards don’t define you.

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  1. Daniela spune:

    Asa este si totusi dupa ce te uiti prima data? Aparente.

  2. Anonim spune:

    De ar fi asa simplu dar cand aia din jur iti critica kg si felul in care arati…………

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