Love .

Love isn’t just a word. It’s when you feel safe & comfortable around that “special someone”. It’s when even if you only talk to them long enough to say “hi” but afterwards go hours, even days ; still smiling, remembering their voice inside your mind ! It’s when you see past all their flaws, & see them perfectly… When you see inside their heart & their soul through their eyes. When no matter how many flaws they may have, you still love them, for whom they are on the inside, & that’s where the beauty lies. It’s when your whole body seems to smile when you’re with them, not just your face. It’s the way your eyes light up when you hear their name. When you get the “feel good chills” from their touch & you never wanna leave their presence!!

To sum it all up , love is the feeling i get whenever i’m with you !!!!

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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