My joy bringer

Oh my !!! where do , how do i begin to answer the question i know you been wonderin’!? Playin’ cool, i , cool, how could it all be true these things, who’s that and what’s it to you !!?

He is : the mind injector – the heart protector – the soul defender of anything i fear !!!
– the make me believer – the joy bringer – the love giver winking

He is: the pleasure releaser -the hard knocks knower without the scars to show ya – the night school teacher – the good life preacher -t he caretaker – the kiss craver !!!

He is all these words are only frostin’ on my cake !! Feelings explain, don’t do justice to how i feel so alive, so in love for the first time !!! No way can i hide who am i .

He is : make it alright to get you through the night – the soul defender of anything i fear – the pain remover, bad times undoer – the joy bringer -the love giver .

He is: Everything , everything i want and i want it !!!!

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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