What does your birth date say about you?

Daaaamn, m-au nimerit!!!

” Born on 11th
You have a warm and inviting personality. You are amiable and love to make new friends. You are quick to return favors from friends. You love to crack jokes and spend long hours with friends. In relationships, you seek to dominate your partner but in a non-threatening way. At the same time, you are very passionate in your relationships. ”

Hai click să-ţi gâdile şi ţie ăştia mândria si orgoliul. tongue

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. ana says:

    zice de bine si la mine laughing

  2. addicted says:

    Inseamna ca mangaie orgoliul tuturor ” in dulcele stil clasic ” laughing

  3. Loryloo says:

    Vai tu, sunt ” independent, beautiful, affectionate” laughing
    I’m fun to be with. Someone will fall in love with me for the intimacy and affection I tend to show smug
    Ei na!

  4. Calm! Me?!???? NO!!!

    They usually sing to me: “Relax, take it easy!”.

    In rest, laude, laude, laude. laughing

  5. addicted says:

    Lasa, cand nu e nimeni sa ne laude.. apelam la ei. laughing

  6. 99% adevarat thinking da, sunt fidela si ma atashez mult de partenerul meu.Da, sunt iubitoare. Da, sunt prietenoasa.Da, imi place moda…Dar sub nici o forma asta: You are a wise person known for your humility. laughing))

  7. Diana says:

    18th: peaceful, dynamic, exciting
    You are an outdoors person. You like spending time in peaceful, natural surroundings. You are a dynamic person. You cannot sit at one place for a long time. You like dressing up for occasions. You prefer to express your views openly. You are an exciting person to fall in love with but you prefer to be in a strong, long-term relationship only.

    Fara dressing up, nu prea linistita, ultima faza e adevarata spre final si magulitoare la inceput. laughing

  8. Hubba Bubba says:

    Am retinut doar ca-s o iubacioasa laughing

  9. addicted says:

    @Hubba Bubba: Ferice de Fat-Frumos, o sa primeasca portii imense de iubareala!!

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