True love

” Many peoples say that true love never exist. They say that true love is only found on the romantic movie, love novel story or other human creation. Is that true? For me, that is not, definitely not. True Love is not an hoax.

Robert J Stenberg on his book “The Triangular Theory of Love” mentions that 3 important components of love are intimacy, passion and commitment. The mixed of those that will make our love perfect.

True love needs sacrifice. It doesnt mean u have to sacrifice your self for true love. No, Love does not play like that. When u feel a deepest love to someone, the miracle thing is you do whatever love needs unconsciously. This chemistry drive you to do everything although out of your logic sense. So, when people say that Love needs sacrifice, in the same time u have sacrificed unrealizedly. The issue is, the forms of sacrifices from each people is different, vary ranging from care, matter, financial, support, love devoting, or even live it self. Easily we can say that sometimes love is blind,but wait! You can assume like that until you have ever involved in the deepest love situation. Blind is a relativity! ”


Love means Sacrifice, not Selfishness !!

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  1. Twenty says:

    “Love means Sacrifice, not Selfishness !!” – Mi-a placut asta happy

  2. addicted says:

    @Twenty: .. and more than that! happy

  3. true love exist..but you need to find it..big grin

  4. cristishady says:

    Foarte bine zis aici ultima “zicala” este foarte adevarata, pacat ca putini o inteleg cu adevarat iar si mai putini o pun in aplicare.

  5. addicted says:

    @My life in few words: Trebuie sa tii ochii bine larg deschisi. happy
    @cristishady: Prea multi lasa de la ei pentru celalalt, prea putini isi calca pe orgoliu pentru celalalt, prea putini fac sacrificii din/in dragoste!

  6. kiddo. says:

    … exista.

  7. addicted says:

    @kiddo.: Yeah i know, asta ziceam si eu la 17 ani! happy

  8. prujinka says:

    sometimes I feel that love can happen… but sometimes my faith fails away…

  9. Ana says:

    Exista doar ca pentru unii vine mai greu sau altii o au si-o pierd

  10. Diana says:

    Frumos spus…

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