All of my smiles will tell you about him.

How is it possible that u get to fall in love out of blue.. without knowing it and still feeling it ?

what is love actually?

Is it , i wonder, that sweet dizziness that u feel when u talk to him??that thing that makes u lose ur senses and ur breath when u hear his voice? or the delicate butterflies u feel are flying either with thousands of leaps a minute.. either gently in the huge emptiness of ur stomach , which stretches u and makes u forget how to breathe !? and u know that no matter how hard u try , no matter what u do u keep on being with him even when he is not next to you?.. u feel him close holding you.. u hear his breath , u dream of him all the time , u are restless !… There are feelings that make u laugh,cry… without even knowing why . They have no logical explanation ! They’re like whispers… u hear but cannot understand .

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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