One minute fly

We humans have 50+ years, but sadly even this long time is not enough to make all these things happen .. happy

P.S : Păsarica era cumva din specia ” Twitter “?


Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. yuri says:

    Ce muşte urâte happy Pasărea aia chiar zici că e din specia Twitter rolling on the floor

  2. Hubba Bubba says:

    Vazut, placut, oau…

  3. addicted says:

    @yuri: Cata imaginaaaatie pe ei laughing
    @Hubba Bubba: Bucurat. big grin

  4. Gabriela Elena says:

    Moralizator acest filmulet! happy
    Mie mi-a placut! tongue

  5. addicted says:

    @Gabriela Elena: Este o mica lectie, invata de… nimeni! happy
    @Orry: Glad you like it, sa dam credite cui a realizat-o!

  6. Rox says:

    “all dreams come true, but… by that time, the’ll no longer be yours”- de mine zis! patentat!
    kiss m-am intors big grin

  7. addicted says:

    @Rox: Era si timpul!! Ai lenevit o grooooaza de timp. Hai treci la datorie acum. big grin kiss

  8. ana says:

    Bun de invatat
    Mi-a placuthappy

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