Adevarul despre femei si barbati

Explicatie simpla, logica si… amuzanta, pentru cei care au simtul umorului bine dezvoltat. laughing

Un barbati riposteaza: ” And the reason for men’s stupidity is women’s craziness. Because no matter how smart a man is, he can never prove a woman wrong. Once the tears start flowing, she’s right again. ” . Ce pot sa zic decat TRUE! laughing

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  1. Cris-Mary says:

    You said it girl! big grin Sunt de acord!

  2. Ioly says:

    Draga,din nou m-ai facut sa radrolling on the floor

  3. Max Peter says:

    laughing Păi cum!… laughing Am postat eu azi ceva asemănător…

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