At the end of the day…

 I’m starting to believe that eventually, we realize that everything does happen for a reason. It all becomes a lesson regardless if we learn from it or not. Whether it’s losing someone forever or temporarily, whether it’s walking away from someone or something that’s malicious or having others take parts of you with them, or if it’s just failing a test and not getting the job you want; it is all worthy of experiencing. At the moment, you won’t understand why but in a week, in a month, in a year, or sometime down the road, you will. At the end of the day, the most valuable thing I’ve learned is to stay positive. It’s to never give up.

I’ve recently taken a vow. I pinky promised myself that no matter how dark the days were, I will never give up on the sun; if I were to fail once, I will try again until I succeed or until I find something better. I vowed to never settle. I don’t want something that is okay or alright, or just good enough when I deserve more. I told myself that no matter how badly I got hurt or will get hurt, I won’t take that out on the next genuine person that comes along. I won’t let old broken trust bonds affect the way I perceive the future and the people that will be in it. And through it all, I swear to love all the parts of myself and to never rely on someone else to love them of me.

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. Marin spune:

    Mornin’ Never give up and smile happy Always smile.
    I agree with you. I am not sure I learned much from what happened to me, but I am trying big grin

  2. Fairytale spune:

    Mereu trebuie sa fim pozitivi..e un exercitiu tare greu, dar atat de gandesti pozitiv.

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