… always will !

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]  Isn’t it beautiful how you become dependant on someone so fast but it has really been so slow in your mind,how you can fall in love… and miss not talking to that person even if you just talked to them, you want to talk more !

How you worry about if the person is sad or mad or happy… and when you have those horrible fights no matter how many tears you cry that one person can make them all go away in the flash of a smile. how you yearn to hold that person in your arms but you doubt you ever will… how many trials you will go through for love.. no matter how many hateful things are said, tears cried and no matter how many cuts come from something… a phone call can make it all better. How you are so scared… that that person will leave you… because he found someone prettier than you are,funnier than you are and a lot less emotional than you . how you dream about the person for days that have gone by and many more to come… how you can seem to forgive them for whatever they do as long as they make the sadness go away ! How much you have in common but yet you are so different, how you can help them get through everything… and the same for they . how they are yours and you are theirs !

Isn’t it just beautiful the way they say “ I love you and I always will ” !? [/dropcap]

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. Cris-Mary spune:

    Uff, ce frumos ! Si imi place si noua schimbare big grin Am dat refresh ca am crezut ca nu vad bine big grin

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