Lessons learned: YOU worth more!

  I love people who are open-minded, people that get me and understand me, people who just vibe with whatever I’m talking about. There’s nothing more beautiful than a person with an open heart and open mind…

During the last year, I’ve learned a lot, where to insist more and where to stop! I’ve got no time for one-sided friendships. I found out where I stand and I know I worth more, YOU worth more too!

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  1. Marin spune:

    Mornin’ Well said happy I had to wait a few years to reach the conclusion you wrote about. In the end, I let all these people know that if they want me, they surely will find me. I will not write/call anymore.

    • addicted spune:

      Tell me about it !? Eu am descoperi asta abia anul trecut si-mi intra in sistem de anul asta, asa observ. laughing
      Vorba ta, stiu unde ma gaseasca toti, nu mai fac eu totul.

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