pisica perdea

Un pisoi face un truc magic si se schimba dintr-o pisica pisica alba intr-una neagra

 De ce sa se limiteze pisicile la jocurile cu penele, mingiutele, etc. , cand pot face adevarate trucuri magice!? Asta e exact ceea ce trebuie sa fi crezut si acest pisoi alb. Iata-l facand un truc magic uimitor in care il care il vedem transformandu-se intr-o pisică neagra mai batrana dupa o “aventura” pe o perdea.

Nazdravana Leo, in varsta de doar 11 de saptamani, a sarit de pe patul proprietarului sau si s-a agatat pe perdele, perdelele au cazut, iar in spatele acestora era fratele mai mare in varsta de doi ani, Raven.

pisica sare pe perdea

“Schimbul” hilar intre pisici a fost prins pe camera de stapanul de in varsta de 22 de ani, Charlotte Riley.

They were having a bit of a game in the bedroom and I always take some videos of them when they’re messing around. I could see Leo was about to make a jump for it off the bed but I’m not sure what his plan was. I think Leo was wondering what the shadow was behind the curtain. After he pounced, he was clinging on for dear life, but I couldn’t have predicted what happened next.

The whole thing came off the wall and landed in a heap on the floor. Raven looked like she jumped off the radiator and up onto the windowsill because she was startled. I thought it was hilarious and let out a little snigger but obviously I wanted to check if Leo was OK, which is why the video stopped.

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  1. Adda says:

    Ce amuzanta e rolling on the floor

  2. Dan says:

    Ce poti sa mai zici? Saritura a la Baman cu deschidere larga laughing

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