Inside me is a younger person wondering what the hell happened???

It’s my birthday and I’m not shy
shouting the news to the birds in the sky.
That’s the way I approach my life
because increasing years should not add strife!

I wouldn’t go back as an awkward teen,
with raging hormones and pimples seen;
back then I believed I could take wingla multi an
because I knew most everything.

I entered my twenties with more of the same,
but as time went by I started to tame
lots of the actions that created a stink;
I listened and learned and started to think!

Over the decades I made sure I kept growing
and the people I met kept new ideas flowing.

These days I coach and I write—a living I’m earning—
but nothing has changed I’m still talking and learning.
My picture is old and won’t be changed soon
and no matter what I’ll never carry a tune.

But life goes on and that’s a cert
even though today I am older than dirt.

La multi ani mie, la multi ani noua!!!

Si-au lasat amprenta↓

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  1. Adrian says:

    hepi bdey my sweet little poet ! i adore you! kiss

  2. TheDreamer says:


    Happy B-day girl!

    May ur love live forever and keep ur self beautiful and wise as you were until now and way more from now on!

    big hug

    PS: Drink something sweet for me toangel

  3. SuZy says:

    Happy Birthday my darling!
    Sa fii fericita, iubita si sa dai de baut cand ne vom intalni, doar trebuie big grin

  4. addicted says:

    am sa dau am dau, odat`si`odat`tre`sa ne intalnim privirile prin Sv. happy Thanks again.

  5. nookie says:

    happy (late) birthday!

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